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Ensuring a safe and healthy environment requires global commitment, as well as the vision and expertise of a vibrant environmental industry. Dillon has stood at the leading edge of this industry since the 1970s.

Today, Dillon is well ahead of the field in terms of knowledge, track record and the application of new technologies to solve environmental problems. We stay fully conversant with local needs, regulations and approval mechanisms at all levels of government.

Contaminant Management

Dillon has a long history of managing both site and indoor contaminants. We begin by assessing risk, remediation options, cost, and the site’s development potential. We provide effective solutions that cover the full spectrum of possibilities, from risk management to long-term containment to the application of the best available technologies for remediation. We use our expertise in industrial hygiene and building engineering to help clients manage environmental quality within the workplace

Our contaminant management clients include Canada’s major oil companies, federal and provincial regulators and agencies as well as school boards and municipalities across the country.


Dillon develops integrated strategies for clients that are based on decades of experience in water resource management, biology, ecology, land use planning, hydrology, hydrogeology, and environmental planning. We assist in the planning and management of environmentally sound urban and rural developments, wildlife management reserves, forest management areas and mineral extraction sites.

Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitats

Organizations responsible for restoring degraded sites and creating new habitats for fish and wildlife frequently call on Dillon’s expertise in terrestrial and aquatic habitats. We have the scientific know-how to meet specific species requirements, the design and engineering capabilities to develop habitat enhancement programs, and the construction management expertise to oversee implementation.

Cultural Resources

Dillon has long recognized the important relationship between cultural resources and the overall environment, and several years ago integrated cultural resource management into our facility design and environmental planning process. Our archaeologists and heritage planners have assessed cultural landscapes for community developments, rehabilitated heritage bridges and buildings, developed programs for scenic/historic routes, and assessed marine environments for historical artifacts.

We’ve played an important role in the preservation of historic sites and have handled pre-construction archaeological surveys and the removal of artifacts.

Environmental Policy

Dillon develops environmental policies, guidelines, and training programs, within a wide range of regulatory contexts. This work encompasses the entire breadth of our environment practice, from contaminant management to cultural resources.

Our services includes:

  • Atmospheric services
  • Carbon management 
  • Climate change
  • Cultural resources
  • Environmental analysis, planning and management
  • Geophysics
  • Hydrogeology
  • Mineral aggregates
  • Site contamination management
  • Terrestrial and aquatic habitats
  • Water resources
  • Watersheds and ecosystems

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