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Vibrant regions, cities, town and neighbourhoods result from the combined effort and commitment of many people, with many perspectives. Their sometimes diverse views are brought together by the professionals who plan, develop and manage urban surroundings.

We understand what it takes to develop and nurture healthy, liveable communities - communities with social diversity, economic vitality and environmental sustainability.

A Balanced Perspective

Our clients include municipalities and senior government agencies responsible for community development policies and guidelines, as well as for delivering effective municipal services. We work with private and public organizations that provide residential, industrial, commercial and associated facilities. This balanced perspective sets us apart as we see the process of building communities as a continuum from policy and regulation to design and development.

From Plan to Implementation

Our public sector work includes design and implementation of programs and strategies in order to manage infrastructure revitalize brownfield sites, optimize traffic flow and preserve environmental quality. And, because communities are as much about people as they are about bricks and asphalt, we provide advice on community involvement, economic development, recreation and tourism.

Dillon is equally recognized for its implementation skills and work with private development corporations and alternative service delivery projects involved in suburban land development, urban redevelopment, industrial facilities, office complexes and retail centres. We work with clients to explore viable solutions, and then obtain the approvals necessary to proceed. This critical process requires us to deliver more than technical proficiency as when we must apply our understanding of policy frameworks and the inner workings of government.

Our work includes:

  • Community plans and policies
  • Transportation plans and policies
  • Land development planning
  • Site servicing and development
  • Site access parking
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Traffic management
  • Parks and open space
  • Recreation and tourism
  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure management
  • Brownfield site revitalization
  • Environmental quality preservation
We are a team of designers, planners, engineers, and environmental scientists who are passionate about progressive city-building. #DillonCities

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