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The real estate industry provides the built-space that houses us and provides the retail, commercial and industrial facilities our economy requires. Dillon understands what drives the industry and the services developers require. 

Canada’s level of built space per capita is one of the highest in the world. This is the direct result of several key factors:

  • Small household sizes
  • High level of home ownership
  • Diverse and vibrant industrial and service-orientated economic base
  • Central city and suburban retailing health
  • Celebration of outdoor recreation and second home lifestyles

Real estate in Canada today is driven by the cost of money, NAFTA-generated activity, international and internal migration patterns, and demographic change. A new level of government intervention is steering development to areas best served with public infrastructure. Building and design are being geared to ever-higher environmental performance. Income trusts are accelerating property management consolidation. Industry, business and government are increasingly outsourcing. Foreign purchasers are finding Canadian recreational and rural property increasingly irresistible.

To be successful in the evolving property market it is necessary to have access to all the skills required to plan and design a successful real estate project; to have a strategic plan related to the local community in which the project is situated; and to be able to apply that technical and community knowledge to successfully navigate the regulatory approvals process.

We start from the premise that different clients require very differing degrees of help. Real Estate clients require purposefully integrated the planning, environmental, engineering and architectural aspects of property and facility development under one roof. 

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Dennis Heinrichs

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