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The global needs for technical services related to infrastructure, environmental management, community development and buildings/facilities are enormous. From basic needs for clean water and shelter, to advanced technologies for hazardous waste management, to the policies and know-how to advance sustainable development, communities and businesses beyond North America are part of the Dillon marketplace.

Our skills and services focus on:

  • Infrastructure (water, wastewater, solid waste, transport)
  • Environmental management (water resources, waste management, land and coastal resource management, pollution control)
  • Energy (renewable technologies, transmission, generation)
  • Community development (redevelopment, new settlements, tourism, community planning)
  • Institutional strengthening (capacity building, organizational development, training)

Geographically, we have experience in Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and Central America/Caribbean. Our people have diverse language skills and with many, strong connections to the global community through family ties and their upbringing.

Our projects are delivered under a number of models in-country teams assigned for extended periods, program management as executing agency for extended capacity building programs, short-term technical assistance projects, and collaborative arrangements with local consultancies.

Of particular benefit to our private sector clients is our expertise in the environmental assessment and approvals requirements of lending institutions such as the IFC.

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