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Dillon has a long and proud history. From our beginnings in London, Ontario during the post-war period the firm has grown and evolved into a major professional consulting organization. What makes our history special is what it means to our current clients - enduring values, clarity of purpose and a vision to aspire to the legacy of our founders.

Our “founding fathers,” Marmaduke Murray Dillon and George Humphries, served as officers during World War II. When they returned to Canada, they were introduced to each other by a former commanding officer who had shared an office in London, Ontario with Murray before the war. Murray and George agreed, over lunch just before Christmas, to form a consulting practice, which was launched in the basement of a house in London in January 1946. With a draftsman, a part-time stenographer/bookkeeper, boundless enthusiasm and unbridled optimism, M.M. Dillon was formed.

Our 70 years of professional practice have taught us the importance of partnership in sustaining long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our key clients. Partnership is the very essence of Dillon which is why we have always strived to be more than just an advisor, we strive to be your trusted partner.

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